How can Garment Industry help Pakistan in Achieving Export-Led Economic Growth?

Ten years ago, total Pakistani exports per annum were over US$17 Billion whereas total Bangladeshi exports were just around US$13 Billion.  Currently, total annual Bangladeshi exports have crossed US$ 40 Billion whereas annual Pakistani exports stand below US$ 22 Billion. Out of these total export figures, Bangladeshi textile and clothing exports jumped from US$ 10.66 […]

Market potential of smart garments and e-textiles

E-textiles (combining electronics and textiles) have been in development for over a decade now but commercial interest and success have, until recently, been relatively limited. Since 2013 however, the rapid growth of wearable technology has generated increased interest in the sector. According to Just-Style, analysts predict that smart garment shipments in the fitness sector alone […]

Technical Textile Market – Forecast for 2020

Technical textiles is a global knowledge-based research-oriented industry. Since the past few years, the sector is gaining slow but steady growth worldwide due to its technical performance and functional properties in the global textiles industry. Technical textile is a special type of material or product designed for specific applications, while offering unique & exclusive characteristics […]

3D biomedical textile engineering technology by Secant Medical

Secant Medical, the leading manufacturer of biomedical textiles and advanced biomaterials, has developed a new 3D textile engineering technology by integrating traditional textile engineering with advanced biomaterials. While 3D printing or additive manufacturing has gained considerable attention as a novel method to create 3D biomedical forms, 3D printing does not always offer the dimensional stability, […]

Lycra Beauty III

Shapewear is evolving rapidly away from the constricting uncomfortable elasticated garments that previously dominated the branded market. Invista’s research showed that 95% of women stated that fit was important compared with 59% [current] satisfaction. 94% stated that comfort was important with only 56% satisfaction. 69% of the women found a “fabric that wicks away moisture” […]

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