Top World Exporters of Cotton Fibre, Yarn and Fabrics

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The value of total world exports of cotton fibre, yarn and fabrics (excluding apparel) stood at around US$67.8 Billion in 2013. With 25.9% share, China was at the top with an export value of US$17.6 Billion. The second largest exporter in this category was India with 16.7% share and export value of US$11.3 Billion. USA was the third largest exporter with 11.3% share and exports of worth around US$7.6 Billion. The fourth largest exporter was Pakistan with 7.9% share and exports of worth around US$5.3 Billion. Pakistan is also currently the fourth largest producer of raw cotton in the world, after China, USA and India. Other top exporters of cotton fibre, yarn and fabrics in 2013 were Australia, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Germany and Viet Nam with shares of 3.7%, 2.8%, 2.8%, 1.9, 1.8% and 1.8% respectively.

In terms of annual growth in value between 2009-2013, Australia was at the top with 58% growth, followed by India with 32% growth, Viet Nam with 33% and China and Pakistan each with 14% growth. Between 2012-2013, India’s annual growth in terms of value was 32%, Viet Nam’s 31%, China’s 18% and Pakistan’s only 2%. Viet Nam is emerging as a promising contender while Pakistan’s progress during the last year is far less than satisfactory.

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